we are not gods
The Argents have
a w a k e n e d .

A 4X4 roleplay

APRIL 19TH, 2013


June Copeland  The Animate ✠ Age Unknown  FC: Imogen Poots


  • Sweet
  • Enigmatic
  • Deceptive
  • Alluring
  • Possessive


When June was created, it was automatically apparent that her and Orion were two halves of a whole. Even though she was born pure and he was death incarnate, the thought of being apart from him bred a sickening pit in her stomach, one that she didn’t want to ever explore further. The two remained side by side, attached souls that had no direction in this life without the other. Their relationship went beyond love, beyond lust, beyond blood. It was a spiritual connection so strong and profound that they would never be able to explain or put it into words. 

A curious turn of events began unfolding as time drew on, however. With each passing moment, her light began rubbing off on Orion as his darkness began seeping into her. Together, they were a hurricane of holy water and tainted blood, each leaking into the other and creating a vermilion mess of the two. Even after all this time, the process continues; June is slipping deeper and deeper into oblivion while Orion seems to be the most virtuous he’s ever been. Contrary to expectation, June isn’t going down kicking and screaming. In fact, she’s rather enjoying her descent. The Plague barely made her blink, and now that there’s sudden tension among the Argents, she’s eager to play now more than ever.


No matter how rotten she gets, Orion will always be her soul companion. Her loyalty and love for him is undying, and while it grows fainter with her humanity, it still burns within her. She has seen him at his worst, and she accepts him not only for who he is, but also as a part of herself.

June’s powerful abilities don’t come without consequences. Like Nathea, Rowan has been using June’s susceptible mind to practice his own Pushing abilities. She has no idea this is happening, but once in a while she’ll receive a flash of memories that she can’t necessarily explain.

As June ventures further into the dark, so does her curiosity with the Argent of Darkness and Destruction. Although June has alienated the other Argents in the past due to her extremely close nature with Orion, she is beginning to find herself drawn to the emotionless minx.


  • MORTAL WEAKNESS: Killing June’s familiar will revert her to a mortal state, though this will be difficult considering she can manipulate life force and Orion (Argent of Death) would most likely be willing to restore it. An immensely powerful darkness or mental attack could rob her of her endowments, though.
  • CAPABILITIESRead about June’s endowments here.



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